AGC Consultants, LLC

AGC provides a hands on approach to environmental issues that may be difficult to understand. We communicate directly to our clients, determining exactly what their needs are to solve their problems. We embrace being a small business, so you won’t slip through the cracks or be passed along like the larger companies do. Allow AGC to guide you in the right direction.

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Testing Services


AGC’s experienced and qualified staff will inspect and identify suspect asbestos containing materials in residential and commercial properties. 


AGC Consultants has experience performing mold inspections, ranging from visual assessments, to collecting environmental samples to determine mold concentrations in the air or on surfaces. 


Is your home or business constructed before 1978? Do not let a contractor open a wall or damage other possible lead-containing building materials without the required testing for lead. 

Indoor Air Quality

Are you experiencing an unknown odor inside your dwelling? Are occupants experiencing health effects and the cause is a mystery? Let AGC provide sampling strategies to assist in determining what may be causing the occurrences.

AGC Is Here To Guide You In The Right Direction.